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Claude MONET Oscar-Claude Monet (UK: /ˈmɒneɪ/, US: /moʊˈneɪ/,[1][2] French: [klod mɔnɛ]; 14 November 1840 – 5 December 1926) was a French painter, a founder of French Impressionist painting and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein air landscape painting.[3][4] The term "Impressionism" is derived from the title of his painting Impression, soleil levant (Impression, Sunrise), which was exhibited in 1874 in the first of the independent exhibitions mounted by Monet and his associates as an alternative to the Salon de Paris.[5] Monet's ambition of documenting the French countryside led him to adopt a method of painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the passing of the seasons.[6] From 1883, Monet lived in Giverny, where he purchased a house and property and began a vast landscaping project which included lily ponds that would become the subjects of his best-known works. He began painting the water lilies in 1899, first in vertical views with a Japanese bridge as a central feature and later in the series of large-scale paintings that was to occupy him continuously for the next 20 years of his life. Read more on Wikipedia







What is there to say about me? What can there be to say, I ask you, about a man who is interested in nothing in the world but his painting - and also his garden and flowers?


Every day I hope you will.


In front of you a tree, a house, a field or anything else. Just think of this: here is a small square of blue, pink, green oval, yellow stripe and paint exactly as they appear to you.


What I will do here will at least have the merit of not being like anyone else, because it will be the impression of what I would have felt alone.

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* The  Claude MONET rag doll is an home decor item and an gift ideas representing the famous painter laying behind impressionism, Claude MONET.
* Claude is sold in its own fabric bag, giving a short biography and an Claude MONET quote.
* Available in two sizes : 18In ou 45In
* Packaging available in Englishor French.
* 100% micro-polyester.
* Certificated OEKO-TEXfabric.
* Certificates ISO 9001 et SO 14001 inks.