A meaningful rag dolls and designer plush toys collection with a soul...

LittleBigDolls are fabric rag dolls and plush toys depicting iconic figures in our cultural heritage.

Their quirky "human side", coupled with their unique style make the Littlebigdolls truly original dolls that appeal to children.

Faithful playmate with a story to tell , each doll is sold in its own fabric bag, giving a short biography and a quote from the person depicted.

Have a Tea Party wit Marie-Antoinette, share secrets with Mona Lisa, go on the attack with the Great Sitting Bull, build a spaceship with Jules Verne grow in wisdom with Mahatma Gandhi.

A fun way to let History enter your child’s imagination !!

Dolls collection for children, original gift idea and decorative items for kids from 0 years



LittleBigDolls | Original and funny rag dolls collection for childrens !