Cultural rag dolls and Art toys...

LittleBigDolls are rag dolls and Art toys depicting iconic figures in our cultural heritage.

Their quirky "human side", coupled with their unique style make the Littlebigdolls truly original dolls.

Off beat decoration or faithful playmate with a story to tell, for the totally hooked to the curious first time buyer, LBD reach out to a wide market.

Share your daily existence with some of the great names that have left their mark on history !!

Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe on the settee, Mahatma Gandhi on the bookcase, the Dalaï-lama on your bed, Marie-Antoinette or Tutankhamun for your children's games...

 Design Art toy collection, original gift idea and decorative merchandising product



LittleBigDolls | Original Rag dolls and Art toys collection !